Wilson CAT 324 Amphibious Excavator

Used Equipment for Sale

We frequently have great quality, well-maintained used Marsh Buggies, Cargo Buggies, and Amphibious Excavators for sale.

Machines from our leased equipment fleet are brought back in to our facility, refurbished and sold at a great price.

Cargo Buggy Carries Workers through Soft Mud

Is the machine likely to get stuck?

No. The large footprint, low ground pressure and amphibious capabilities along with the high torque tracking system can get our machine out of just about every bog.
Bobcat Piling Attachment

How are these machines powered?

Our amphibious equipment is hydraulically driven. The travel circuits of the excavator power the undercarriages. Some of our machines have their own engines to power the hydraulic drive systems.
Habitat Preservation using Wilson Marsh Equipment

Can this machine work while floating?

Marsh equipment is ideally suited for wetland and unstable terrain applications. These machines can work in areas where a human cannot even walk. The large footprint of the machine exerts
Wilson CAT 305 Marsh Excavator Maintaining a Waterway

Can these machines navigate waterways?

Our machines have extremely strong drawbar pulling capabilities. The tracking system is a high torque system; the tracks do not spin fast enough to propel the machine in moving water.
Amphibious Excavator Transitioning from Water to Land

How fast can these machines move?

Speeds of our machines vary with the models selected. The fastest machine can reach speeds in the marsh of up to 3 mph. Most machines move approximately 1 to 2