Marsh Buggies have a unique ability to work in soft conditions. Prior to their development, natural resources in swamps and marshes were exploited by cutting canals to bring water-borne heavy equipment to work.

Cutting canals is expensive, and has caused major environmental impact to vulnerable ecosystems. The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) was a channel built for navigation that caused serious damage to swampland through saltwater intrusion, and is believed to have greatly exacerbated the storm surge damage from Hurricane Katrina.

Marsh Machines offer a unique capability to access these areas to perform heavy work. Most Marsh Excavators are not designed to actually operate in open water. Due to their buoyancy, they can cross open water to reach an area that is suitable for performing heavy work.

Marsh Excavators can use any attachment that can be fitted to a regular excavator. Their applications in wetland areas are the same as those of a regular excavator in conventional conditions. Slide Pontoons can be used to haul material and equipment in conjunction with the Cargo Buggy.