In the early 1960s and 1970s the south Louisiana and Texas economies were booming with the discovery of oil and gas in the coastal marshes. Getting men and machinery into the swampy soft terrain to retrieve the oil and gas presented a lot of problems. A machine was needed with a very low ground pressure, amphibious capabilities, high torque and also capable of carry heavy payloads. Keeping workers safe and the fragile eco-system as untouched as possible was also very big concerns.

Many designs were tried but nothing was as successful as the hydraulic amphibious marsh buggy. This unique machine can walk in terrains where a man cannot stand, can cross waterways and can carry heavy payloads such as excavators and cranes.

Growing up in the marsh buggy industry Paul Wilson was fascinated and inspired to make many improvements to the marsh machine. Driven by his passion, Paul started Wilson Marsh Equipment in 1989. Still after all those years Paul and Wilson marsh equipment continue to offer quality, built to last marsh equipment backed by unmatched service and support.