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Used CAT 313 Amphibious Excavator with Telescopic Pontoons

For Sale - Used Bobcat E50 Amphibious Excavator. Price $160, 000, Year 2019, Hours 1,609 , Serial Number AJ1815745, Good Condition.

Engineered in the USA

At Wilson Marsh Equipment, we are proud of our Louisiana heritage. We are based just outside the great city of New Orleans on the West Bank of the Mississippi River. All

Used Bobcat E50 Amphibious Excavator

Used Bobcat E50 Amphibious ExcavatorUPDATE 7/2/24.This machine is SOLD ―please call 504.340.6147 today to discuss available machines.This Bobcat E50 Excavator is mounted on 3½' Wide x 3½' High x 21' Long
Amphibious Excavator Working on a Pipeline Project

Pipeline Work

This work consists of clearing a right a way through swamp and marsh lands, digging a trench for the pipeline to be buried in, pulling the line into position and
Amphibious Marsh Excavator in Environmental Cleanup

Phone & Cable Lines

Fiber Optic cables are buried in the same manner as pipelines. This work consists of clearing a right a way through swamp and marsh lands, digging a trench for pipeline
A Wilson Amphibious Excavator at Work in Africa

Oil Exploration

Oil exploration consists of bringing seismic equipment and men into the marsh and swamps for testing and searching for oil.
A Wilson Caterpillar Amphibious Excavator Prepares for Levee Construction

Levee Construction

Our equipment can access marsh and swamp land to erect hurricane protection levees. These levees are vital in the protection of cities in low-lying areas
Amphibious Excavator Transitioning from Water to Land

Highway Construction

This work consists of clearing marsh and swamp land of trees and stumps. If debris were left and covered up, it would decay and weaken the new highway.
Bobcat Amphibious Excavator in Action with Brush Cutter


Our equipment can be used in the construction of right of ways in marsh and swamp forests. These right of way areas are needed for harvesting lumber and fighting forest