Custom Design and Manufacture

Wilson Marsh Equipment is an engineering company. We design and build every piece of equipment right here in the USA. This means that we can take your specifications, or your job requirements, and build a custom solution engineered to deliver results.

For example ― Gator Foot is designed to be the ultimate multi-purpose amphibious vehicle.

This machine carries cargo and personnel and is built to work in soft land applications, such as marsh, swamp, and wetlands.

The patented track design is lightweight and eliminates mud build up on the pontoons allowing the machine to work more efficiently in soft ground. The power pack is mounted  on rails and can be slid out for easy maintenance. The hydraulic dump bed allows you to carry material and easily dump where needed.

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Telescopic Pontoons

Transportation is one of the major operational costs of Marsh Equipment. Rules vary from state to state and it's not unheard of for machines to be stuck at state lines because they don't have the correct permits or escorts for entry into a particular state.

Disassembly is one solution. Our pontoons can be separated into three components and transported that way.

But disassembly can be a headache. Our larger Amphibious Excavators, such as the Wilson CAT 308 and CAT 313 Amphibious Excavators are available with telescopic pontoons powered off the machines auxiliary hydraulic circuit. This is a great solution to reduce transportation cost and complexity but does not compromise the operational stability of the machine.

Simply retract for transportation and expand and lock for operation.

Case Amphibious Excavator - Extended

Wilson Case 160 Expanded

Case Amphibious Excavator - Retracted

Wilson Case 160 Retracted

CAT 307 Telescopic Amphibious Excavator - Retracted

Wilson CAT 308 Retracted

The Wilson CAT 308 is under 12' wide when retracted and the CAT 313 is less than 16' wide which, in most states is the largest you can transport without disassembly.

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Custom Excavators and Attachments

This articulating grapple is one of many custom attachments we can fit to your machine. Anything from brush cutters to saws and everything in between. We can even extend the stick of your excavator and mount it to our amphibious pontoons.

Grapple Attachment on Amphibious Excavator Closed

Amphibious Excavator with Grapple Attachment (closed)

Grapple Attachment on Amphibious Excavator Open

Amphibious Excavator with Grapple Attachment (open)

Each excavator is different. For spec machines, we know the balance and mount points for the turntable. Excavators may vary but one thing is constant. Our machines will float flat and at the correct height regardless of which excavator we mount to our pontoons.

We take every new machine combination down to our bayou for a float test prior to shipping. If it doesn't pass muster, we'll adjust things and test again until we're proud to put our name on the equipment.

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Custom Design and Fabrication

The Grapple Buggy was built for a client who wanted one machine that could both clear the debris and haul it way. It features a fully-articulating grapple arm that can grab debris, load it on to the included debris deck and then haul it away through swamps, marshes, wetlands and unstable terrain.

Grapple Buggy Driving

Grapple Buggy in Our Yard

Grapple Buggy Clearing Debris

If you've got a design in mind, we can bring it to life. If you have an application in mind, we can conceive, design, manufacture and ship the machine to you.

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