Marsh Equipment Gallery


Marsh Equipment allows you perform heavy work in soft, flooded and unstable terrain. These images show a range of applications such as waterway maintenance, environmental cleanup, dredging, and forestry.

Marsh Buggy Laying Cables

Wilson Marsh Buggy enters the water for a waterway cleanup project.

Bobcat Piling Attachment

Marsh Excavator uses a vibrating attachment to drive pilings for a dock.

Bobcat 337 Amphibious Excavator in Action with Slide Pontoons

Marsh Buggy and Slide Pontoon clear a waterway after a hurricane.

Wilson Amphibious Excavator Hauling Debris with a Slide Pontoon

Wilson Marsh Buggy tows a slide pontoon loaded with tree debris and cuttings.

Wilson CAT 305 Marsh Excavator Maintaining a Waterway

Wilson Amphibious Caterpillar Excavator maintains a waterway. 

Bobcat Amphibious Excavator in Action with Brush Cutter

Marsh Buggy with a Brush Cutter attachment clears a right of way under power lines. 

Waterway Maintenance with a Wilson Amphibious Excavator

Marsh Excavator dredges and clears a waterway. 

Hurricane Clean-up in a Alabama Lake using a Wilson Amphibious Excavator

After a tornado in Tuscaloosa, AL this Wilson Marsh Buggy cleans the lake of debris. 

Marsh Buggy Excavator works in the Soft Mud of a Lake Bottom

A Marsh Buggy works in soft, lake-bottom mud. 

Men work alongside a Marsh Excavator on an environmental project.

Men work alongside a Marsh Excavator on an environmental project. 

Amphibious Marsh Excavator in Environmental Cleanup

Environmental work: one of the primary applications of Marsh Equipment. 

Amphibious Excavator Transitioning from Water to Land

A Wilson Marsh Excavator moves easily from water to firmer ground.

Habitat Preservation using Wilson Marsh Equipment

Wilson Marsh Buggy maintains a vital Marshland. 

Wilson CAT 307 Amphibious Excavator Supporting a Clambshell Bucket Dredging Operation

Marsh Buggy supporting a Clamshell Bucket Dredging operation. 

A Wilson Amphibious Excavator at Work in Africa

Wilson Caterillar Marsh Buggy at work in an oil-field in Africa. 

A Wilson Amphibious Bobcat Excavator Dredges a Waterway

Wilson Marsh Excavator dredging a waterway. 

Cargo Buggy Carries Workers through Soft Mud

Wilson Cargo Buggy safely carries workmen through unstable terrain.

A Wilson Caterpillar Amphibious Excavator Prepares for Levee Construction

Wilson Marsh Excavator prepares a site for Levee (Earth Embankment) construction. 

A Wilson Amphibious Bobcat Excavator Fitted with a Pipe Shear is Lifted by a Crane

Wilson Marsh Excavator fitted with a pipe shear is lifted into place. 

Maintaining Waterfowl Habitat with a Wilson Amphibious Excavator

Wildlife & Fisheries use a Wilson Marsh Excavator to maintain waterfowl habitat. 

Slide Pontoons Safely Haul Debris and Equipment

Slide Pontoons are essential for debris removal from soft, water-logged or unstable terrain. 

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