Machine Options

Wilson Marsh Equipment can be customized to fit your needs but many add-on options are ready to go now, such as:

Auxiliary Fuel Tank

When you’re out in those hard-to-reach places, getting fuel to your machine can be quite a task. Our 70 gallon auxiliary fuel tank can keep you going a whole week before you need more fuel. The tank also serves as a platform with a folding ladder for climbing onto the machine.

Power Clamp

The Power Clamp can easily move odd shaped objects, trees and debris with this handy attachment.

Cat Walks

You can keep your cab clear, step out and stretch your legs with our catwalks mounted to your cab.

Operator Protection Cage

This cage is a must with a deck-style brush cutter. It keeps flying debris out of the cab, keeping your operator safe and out of harm's way.

Brush Cutter

Bushmaster MX401-48 cutter creates a completely new market for your low ground pressure excavator. You can get to those hard to reach places on the right of way.

Cutting width 48”

Cutting capacity 3”



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