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Wilson Marsh Equipment Company

Low Ground Pressure Marsh Equipment
Wetland Equipment | Soft Terrain Equipment

Marsh, swamp and soft terrain are different conditions that present similar challenges for heavy equipment. The terrain is too solid for boats, and too soft for regular construction equipment.

At between 1.2 and 1.5 psi of pressure Marsh Machines (commonly called "Marsh Buggies") are low-ground-pressure machines that can perform heavy work in conditions that are inaccessible to other types of heavy equipment.

Swamp Excavators, Cargo Buggies, and Slide Pontoons are examples of Marsh Machines that offer unique capabilities for the following applications: dredging; environmental protection; coastal restoration; oil spill and contaminated sediment cleanup; environmental remediation; disaster recovery; oil and gas exploration; phone, cable and pipeline work; forestry; construction and highway.

  • Picture of a Marsh Buggy and men working.
    Environmental Restoration
  • Picture of a Marsh Excavator working to maintain important wildlife habitats.
    Habitat Preservation
  • Picture of a Marsh Buggy building a boat dock.
    Dock Construction

In the next article, we'll explain what a wetland is, and how our equipment is able to work in wetlands.

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