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Wilson Marsh Equipment Company

Marsh Buggies, Cargo Buggies, and Slide Pontoons
Cargo Buggy

The cargo buggy is an excellent support machine. It is mounted with a 15,000lb winch and ample deck space. The Cargo Buggy can be used for pulling loaded slide pontoons, winching pipe and cable, carrying cable reels, pulling cable plows and carrying drilling equipment. We can also customize it to fit your needs, whatever they may be.
Ground Pressure Range
FuelDiesel1.14 PSI
Horse Power
127 HP @ 2200 RPM
PerformanceWidth 11' 11.75"
Operating Weight14,000 lbsHeight 11' 2"
Speed2.5 MPHLength22' 7"
Fuel Tank Capacity45 gal Extras
Hydrostatic Propel System
Pontoon Construction 15,000 lb winch
ASTM, A588, ASTM, A572, ASTM, A36
Track Shoes
Specially Extruded 6061- T6 Aluminum